anselm eickhoff mglt

“anzelm eye-coff”

💡 Work philosophy

A serious challenge requires serious play.
True freedom to explore, decide and build can surprisingly be found even in the most constraining environments - and is crucial for innovative solutions.


1. Full-Stack Web Development

My main area of expertise, 11 years experience. I create web apps from scratch or evolve existing ones, taking on all tasks and roles.

My speciality is building rapid, full-stack prototypes that are both fully functional and aesthetically representative of a finished product.

Functional prototypes are the most convincing and cost-effective showcase of project potential for both internal and external customers. Good prototypes can easily be turned into full-fledged projects and developed until MVP and long-term production.

In recent years I have accepted bigger challenges, taking lead architect roles on large-scale user-facing platforms.

Project Highlight (Nov 2017 -- Feb 2018)

EUROVISION Special Events Content Discovery Platform (BETA)

FOR EUROVISION, World Economic FOrum

Leading technical consultant for development of a digital video discovery and sales platform for journalists interested in obtaining EUROVISION coverage of the World Economic Forum 2018.

My Tasks

  • Developing a fully functional proof-of-concept for video discovery, content purchase flows and customer interaction.
  • Developing custom authoring tools for that enable real-time remote content annotation and publication.
  • Developing video metadata infrastructure that integrates with live TV signals to capture content for the discovery platform
  • All  within only 3 months development time from kickoff to launch.

Key Achievements

Project Highlight (2015 -- 2017)

BR Mediathek

For Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR)

Lead architect and product designer for the in-house development of Mediathek, the new flagship video-on-demand discovery platform of BR.

My tasks

  • Conception, implementation and eventual delegation of all technical and design aspects of Mediathek from start to production.
  • Development of future-proof, scalable and adaptable infrastructure to drive Mediathek and many upcoming audience-facing apps.
  • Driving adoption of modern software technologies and best practises in a traditional, non-technical company.
  • Formulation of content distribution strategy and product design principles to rekindle the interest of disenfranchised audiences.

Key Achievements

  • Built rapid interactive prototypes to demo innovative content discovery.
  • Replaced an old and costly CMS that required weeks of training with microservices and intuitive web-based  UIs that users master in 1 hour.
  • Built extensible, well-documented metadata-bases with auto-generated APIs & importers to save months of extra work and debugging.
  • Built an effective team of backend & frontend engineers, designers and editors around the developing product.
  • Started a pioneering initiative on ethics-aware automated content recommendation systems, bringing on board BR's first data scientist to gather know-how, develop custom recommender systems for Mediathek and start international research collaborations.
  • Made BR cofound PEACH, an inter-european personalisation and digital transformation task-force for public broadcasters.

Overall Success

  • Developed infrastructure, products and practises to transform BR from a traditional, linear media company to a strong, innovative provider of digital content.
  • Relieved BR of its complete prior reliance on external software providers by building tools and culture for 100% in-house development, starting with its flagship web product and related infrastructure.
  • Established BR's role as a technological leader within its German and European contexts.

2. Special Topics in Computer Science

Through my professional and academic endeavors I have gained a broad and detailed overview of all fields and trends in informatics as well as specialised knowledge in topics as diverse as:

3. Corporate Identity, Print & Web Design

I help both young and established companies to find an effective message around their product and business and take on many additional tasks such as:

Project Highlight (2015 -- 2017)

For anadicon solutions

Lead architect and product designer for the in-house development of Mediathek, the new flagship video-on-demand discovery platform of BR.

My tasks

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Key Achievements

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Overall Success

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