Anselm Eickhoff

Work sucks.

Traditional “work” in schools, industry and government leaves us unhappy and ill-equipped for the challenges we face.

Play works.

Play is the only humane form of work.
We need tech, media and organisations where play scales to real-world complexity.

Current Projects

A note-taking space for your thoughts, projects and dreams.

Global edge infrastructure & high-performance framework for building multiplayer apps.

Current Thinking

Long-Term Research

A city building game that vividly simulates the organism of a city, arising from the interactions of millions of individuals.
Check out the project homepage!

A secular guide for the enlightened human, documenting our place in the universe, our un-intuitive discoveries, and principles that make us thrive. (concept phase)

A network of playful interactive museums on science and systems. Franchised, constantly rebuilt with modular multi-media furniture.
(concept phase)

Project Archive

My bachelor thesis on real-time flood simulation that is both GPGPU-computed and visualised in the browser using WebGL. Play with it!

A realtime cooperative-multiplayer variant of sudoku with tunable puzzle generation according to human learning of sudoku techniques. (lost to the sands of time)