Traditional “work” in education, labour and governance makes us unhappy and is leaving us ill-equipped for the challenges we face.

Work sucks.

Anselm Eickhoff

Play works.

Current Projects

“Play” is more creative and humane.
We need technology, media and organisations where play can scale to real-world complexity.

A city building game that vividly simulates the organism of a city, arising from the interactions of millions of individuals. Find out more!

A flexible creative web medium for writing, learning and problem-solving.

Research phase

A network of playful interactive museums on science and systems. Franchised, constantly rebuilt with modular multi-media furniture.

A secular-sacred guiding book for the enlightened human, documenting our place in the universe, our un-intuitive discoveries, and principles that make us thrive.

Project Archive

A real-time collaborative web game version of sudoku, featuring learner-oriented puzzle generation and guessing feedback based on explicit models of human sudoku play.

My bachelor thesis on real-time flood simulations that are both GPGPU-computed and visualised in the browser using WebGL.
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