/ Citybound

A city building game using microscopic models to simulate the organism of a city, arising from the interactions of millions of individuals. Experience and inspect all aspects of city life, across many scales of time and space. Shape your city by collaboratively sketching detailed plans for infrastructure and zones, decide on budgets and take part in governance.

The city is us.

A city breathes, millions of people on the move, businesses in trade, neighbourhoods changing. Each inhabitant struggling, adapting, making life choices: a city evolves, a city grows.

True complexity.

Every family and every company simulated individually, constantly keeping track of their members' locations, resources and needs, affecting everyday plans and big changes.

Bird's-eye & Multi-time.

See a whole city, but also a single street and a single household. Witness a day, a month and a year, all at once. What do you realise? What do you want for your city?

Dream, Draw, implement.

Shape infrastructure and zoning, with powerful, intuitive planning tools. Sketch a new neighbourhood in a minute, a new footpath in seconds, an airport in an hour.
Materialize your plans, juggle priorities, manage budgets. How will you fare?

The Urban Look & Feel.

Your rough canvas is nature, your artwork the city - which always reflects what is happening inside it: every building, street, quarter tells its own story. What will be your cities' ugly truths, what will be its proud beauty? What will make your city unique?

Witness Citybound's Development.

The only thing crazier than starting an over-ambitious city building game on my own? Believing that it's possible, working with burning passion since 2014 and getting smart enough to actually do it.

From the very beginning, I took the radical stance of talking to almost every single fan - most of them are on the Citybound community on Reddit. We would be happy to welcome you!

Stay in the loop.

I announce small and big changes in the DevBlog and in video updates on Youtube, where I also do live coding and Q&A streams!

Since 2017, the development became completely open source and there are prototype live builds that you can try out, which will incrementally become the full game.

Made possible by: you?

I don't want to raise funds for vague promises. Instead, if you already see potential in my project, join the Patrons of Citybound, who donate a self-chosen amount each month to make my development sustainable:

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