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Conclusions about the Hackathon & Livestreaming


This hackathon was a blast for me! I ended up doing 5 livestreams with a total duration of about 12 hours. You can find links to them including short summaries in the previous blog post.

Here are my main impressions and learnings:

I ended up doing less livestreams than I hoped, but with higher quality than I expected

love doing livestreams, I wish I could do them everyday, I want to do them much more

There are some difficulties and barriers in livestreaming that I still need to overcome

A) Difficult and boring parts
B) Keeping everyone on the same page

There are concrete steps I can take to ease problems A) and B)

A) Embrace boring parts and show game development as it is
B) Find a simple out-of-stream place to keep track of the current work progress

There can be three different flavours of livestreams that are interesting

1) "Let's Build Citybound" - Development Livestreams
2) "Let's Talk Cities" - Research & Discussion Livestreams
3) "Let's Play" - Playing existing city-building and related games

The most important conclusion that I can take with all this in mind is:

Citybound is a huge project that takes unpredictably long but is interesting throughout its development for a diverse audience. I should realize that this allows me to continously produce video content that 1) I love to create 2) showcases the development 3) draws in more people 4) increases my actual focus on steady progress.

Finally, I am only not completely sure yet how to make this happen logistially. How would that interact with my release process (that I already threw off course anyways) and how do I make sure that I find the time, energy and peace to do livestreams as regularly as possible? These are questions that I will ponder over the next days and that I will try to make life adjustments for. I'll keep you in the loop and I hope you're looking forward to a more video-driven time as much as I do.

Love you all,


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