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Just a small update on my quite intense thinking process: since my last update where I described my Activity Network idea, I spent hours and hours reading research literature for inspiration.

As a rough approximation: I have 78 .pdfs in my browser history with relevant URLs, each of which I at least skimmed, including a long survey about the state-of-the-art of the whole research field which I read large parts of.

My conclusions so far:

This is what I'm betting on as a start:

These are my next steps in particular:

  1. Model the simplest version of a small-rural-town economy as an Activity Network.
  2. See if using Simulated Annealing, agents find reasonable daily routines at all.
  3. Figure out which parts exactly are slow (i.e. where are completely stupid choices explored) and try to guide the exploration process with as many "common-sense" heuristics as possible.
  4. Optimize the hell out of it.

Hopefully after that, at least a path towards millions of detailed, smart agents is clear - which is still my goal!

Let me know what you think and whish me luck!

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