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January '17 Review & February Plans


Text Summary:


earning as of now $466 per month

got my first payment, real money from real people for doing something I love!!

obviously not enough to survive yet

but looks feasible to reach that soon if more people become Patrons!


The Roads & Traffic Prototype

Well, it's just roads...

Open Source

Scary decision, but blew my mind how much it already paid off in just January

Contributions both on

very concrete things like better camera controls (kingoflolz & Herbstein)

background architectural things like switching to the newest version of Rust and cleaning up rendering code (kingoflolz & martinrlilja)

getting a head-start on long-term strategical issues like: modding

Contributions prove that people already understand my code and are able to provide helpful work, which I didn't expect at this early stage at all

Working in Phases

I decided to work in two alternating phases:

Decided to use January as the first “cleanup” month

highly simplified the inner simulation core, it ended up more robust, understandable & even faster!

heavily cleaned up the hacked-together mess of road-planning code

documented in detail a lot of “building-block” code of Citybound

setup automatic release building, allowing me to quickly and frequently create new releases from the newest code for all three platforms

Feature Phase February

Will be about getting rudimentary economy and agents beyond cars going

Dubbed it the “Homes & Businesses Prototype”

Not much more than a Milestone

Actually want to do the initial planning for this Milestone with you

One of the next days I’ll do a planning livestream!

I actually want to try out YouTube Livestreaming for that

I will announce the livestream on YouTube, Reddit, Email and Twitter

Thank you for the wild ride and let me know what you think!

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