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After just two years, I'm starting properly!


During the whole development of Citybound I was half-knowingly waiting for the day where my selection of technologies would turn out to be inadequate. This day has come.

JavaScript and WebGL are amazing for what they are, but for what I want to do (create the best city sim game ever) they're too slow and too restrictive.

Instead, I decided now to do game development the tried-and-true old-school way and focus all my efforts on implementing & innovating, not on fighting language restrictions:

I will rewrite Citybound in C++.

"chirp chirp"

...let me address all the surprise, rage, happiness and incomprehension that you might have, with a convenient question & answer format. Feel free to skip what you don't care about, since I go into a lot of detail.

But you believed in JS & WebGL so much! Why did you continue for so long and what made you finally doubt it?

So why C++? Isn't it horrible?

What advantages will C++ actually bring?

Much, much faster everything. This might make even my wildest goals of simulating true populations in the order of millions possible.

Inversely, this means that Citybound will run much smoother on even old and weak hardware.

Minimal amount of RAM usage and savegame size theoretically possible.

I can use existing, cutting edge and battle tested libraries for parts of the game instead of doing everything myself, for example:

There is much more literature, examples and Stack Overflow questions available related to the obscure high-performance code that I'm writing. With JavaScript I was much too often the first one to ever do something.

Instead of hundreds of megabytes, the game's download size will be just a few megabytes (excluding only music).

The strict typing of C++ will probably prevent a lot of silly bugs early on and make it easier to find others.

What about cross-platform compatability?

What about moddability, tooling and open source?

So..., will you finally use an engine now?

How much will carry over from the old code?

How long will it take you?

I refuse to invent an answer to this question at this point. I know you hate me for it, but all of this is necessary and good. I will try to make more concrete promises like I did one month ago, as soon as they make sense again. Thank you for your patience.

You will give up on it! This is just the best proof that Citybound is nothing but Vaporware!

Never! Don't think that this was an easy decision to make, but rest assured that I will stay with Citybound until it is exactly what I want it to be, no matter how much time, effort and rethinking it will need!

You have even more questions, comments or concerns? Let me know!

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