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I felt a little down lately, so I decided to make things more interesting for all of us. Often it feels as if I work on something that I deem “not worthy to be shown yet” and my response is just to isolate myself from you, which cuts me off of what motivates me the most: interacting with an amazing, thoughtful and supportive community. A lack of strict process also makes things harder than they should be.

So first, I started to use a time tracking tool to actually be able to measure how much time I spend on Citybound, and on what exactly. After starting to use it in a somewhat chaotic week, it's clear that... there is room for more. At least now I have a metric. I also started using the Projects feature of GitHub and now subdivide my noted tasks into fairly small chunks, helping me to stay focused and making it easier to pick up where left off.

Second, I want to interact more with you. I tried many times, failed many times, time to try again. And time to finally show my Patrons some special love. Here's a summary of what new things I want to do:

  1. Just normal live streams again
  2. Special "Patrons Calling" livestreams that are basically Q&A only livestreams, where the broadcast is exclusive for patrons, but the recording will be available for everyone. Depending on your pledge, you can either watch live, submit text questions, or even call me and actually talk to me live.
  3. Graphics Livestreams, because sometimes there is just nothing interesting to do a livestream about, the game will eventually need nice graphics, and I can pretty much always work on some graphics.
  4. Giving Patrons access to new prototypes and features one day early. Bug fix releases are of course immediate for everyone.
  5. Giving Patrons access to my time tracking so you can stalk me in realtime, see exactly which task I'm working on and how long it takes.

I tried to keep everything as open as possible while still giving Patrons some extra value for their support.

In the end of this post I put the proposed reward tiers in detail. If you like them, I will implement them. If you have additional ideas or comments, I would love to hear them.

Finally, don't believe my new promises until I deliver, and help me by reminding me that you have expectations. In life, one often pays attention to him who shouts the loudest and you have been awfully polite in your silence and patience.

Let's do this!

HOPEFUL $3 / month

EXCITED $10 / month
Everything in HOPEFUL, plus:

AMAZED $20 / month
Everything in EXCITED, plus

CONVERTED $100 / month
Everything in AMAZED, plus

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