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Release: Citybound 0.1.1 & 0.1.2


a.k.a. Road and Traffic Prototype 1.1 1.2 a.k.a. the result of one month of clean-up work a.k.a. the first release made with automatic build tools, coincidentally on the day the build tools suffered a major outage

What Changed

Fixed: Self-intersecting roads not workng

Fixed: Game only launching the first time on MacOS

Fixed: Game not launching on older versions of MacOS

Fixed: Panic when spawning cars without built roads (by kingoflolz!)

Fixed: Panic when clicking/selecting built road

Fixed: Plan result lost after mouse move

Workarounded: Huge intersections hang the game

Workarounded: Super-long roads hang the game


Improved: Better overall performance

Improved: UI for adding lanes

After the hotfix/version 0.1.2:

Try it!

Instructions and downloads (NEW: v0.1.2)

What else happened & what's next

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