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Something New: Livestream Reviews


On Saturday, we had a successful first livestream from my new place - and I decided to try out a new format for keeping you informed about game progress.

The motivation for this is that the weekly update videos are very very time intesive to produce, and I'd much rather use the time and energy on more programming.

Here is how the new format works:

At the end of each livestream, I will take the time to narrate a 10-minute review of what happened before and during this livestream, including live demos of new functionality and gameplay.

Part of that is also a final Q&A session, where live watchers can both suggest additional stuff to be mentioned for the review, as well as ask questions to clarify things for everyone.

This review will then be uploaded as a separate video, so you can either watch the full livestream or just the review.

Additionally, my plan is to create a short blog post for each review, with a written summary of what happened in the livestream, similar to the written notes for the weekly updates.

Without further ado, here is the first such livestream review:

(Please excuse timing inaccuracies and jitter, I forgot to record the livestream locally, so I had to export from Twitch)

What happened

People figured out that I moved to St. Petersburg, Russia

During my travels and first days here, I implemented basic intersection traffic behaviour, which only worked for slow speeds

During this livestream, we made cars slow down before reaching an intersection, to make sure they have enough reaction time.

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