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Two Days


The last two days were pretty intense.

I never expected a reaction of this magnitude.

Let me share some numbers with you:

I am overwhelmed and incredibly thankful.

Most thankful I am for the dozens of people who offered help in all kinds of areas: music composition, audio engineering, 3D modeling, writing, design, coverage on blogs, podcasts and Youtube channels.

Even more relevant to this project: real architects, civil engineers, traffic modelers, geologists and all kinds of other knowledgable people offered their advice. With their help this could become the most informed city building game ever.

I am of course also thankful for all your questions, concerns and critiques. They helped immensely in further solidifying my vision for this project.

What this means

This means that my gut feeling of "this will probably hit some nerve of the city building community" turned out to be more than true. It hit the nerve.

This also means that I will make some changes in my life. I will streamline and focus it. Make more time for exclusively this project. I will still work part-time, but only to afford rent and some noodles.

The next steps

After putting a ridicolous amount of hours into getting to know my newfound community, I will turn the dial back on the communication.

I feel that most of the initial important questions have been answered. If you have one right now, I probably answered it in the main discussion on /r/SimCity. Have a look there.

Now I will focus on development. Specifically on getting out a playable Alpha with core gameplay mechanics. The estimated timeframe for that is 1-3 months. During this time I will also share some of the intermediate steps here, so you can get a sense of the progress.

Thanks again

You have given me an opportunity that I thought was much further in the future.

I will do everything to realize the potential of this.

→ Discussion on /r/Citybound