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Two Tiny Triumphs


First, a small addendum to the last post:

The table that I showed you does not directly determine what a person will do next. They will not just look at the importance in the table, but rather: they will check how well they're doing on all their resources (difference to "good enough") and then multiply that difference by the importance weight factor from the table (for the current time of day) to determine the top 3 problems to fix next. From those they choose the one that they can deal with the most effectively (depending on transport conditions, etc.)

So a better formulation for the table might be that it slightly influences how likely someone is to do something about a problem regarding a specific resource, compared to problems regarding other resources, depending on the time of day. Let me know if that sounds better for you (so you don't have to be afraid anymore that I went a fully simplistic way).

The Triumphs

I did a thorough combing of Citybounds code

A tiny slice of the cleaned code (literally the part that makes Citybound tick)

I figured out a way how members of a family can interact

I already started to implement this, but I'm not done yet. I'll update you along the way!

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