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Today I felt a little all-over-the place, it's fascinating how busy the Citybound GitHub repo became with just a couple contributors. I will need to learn how to deal with the constant stream of notifications about different topics while still focusing productively on one thing at a time. Good problems to have!

I realized that a lot of UI-related developments are blocked by the lack of a clear concept about UI code architecture (which code should talk to which other code to make, for example, reacting to keyboard/mouse input work, or to display some controls). This will be one of the bigger topics I'll focus on now.

I started reviewing some of the submitted bug reports and found out that a lot of them are duplicates

I started to pick up the technical debate regarding how modding will work having some very fruitful exchanges with mijgame and martinrlilja, finally coming up with a concrete plan that seems very promising to me!

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