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What I did the last days


This post is brought to you by cats.

So far, I'm still busy with preparation for the scary invent-a-magical-algorithm part of economy.

I laid down the basic concepts of resources, places and activities in code

Instead of just defining my initial (rural-town) resource, place and activity types directly in the code, I built a small system to load them from configuration files at runtime

This will allow me to tweak individual values, or even introduce completely new resource, place and activity types without recompiling the game at all

This means that some "pioneer modders" could already do the same and they don't even need developer tools, just a text editor!

My "data format" is actually just markdown with tables (specific column names and table cell formatting is expected from the code), which has the benefit of not only being easily editable, but looking extremely readable both in plaintext and when rendered on GitHub

I'm almost done with that

My next steps will be:

Let me know what you think!

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